What is a Satoshi?

What is A Satoshi?

A Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin, similar to how cents are the smallest unit of traditional currencies like the South African Rand or the US Dollar.

How Many Satoshi in one Bitcoin?

The Satoshi to Bitcoin ratio is 100 million Satoshis to one Bitcoin and it will always be this way, that’s how Bitcoin was designed. This means that there will always be 100 million cents (Satoshi) in one Bitcoin.


Welcome to #SatoshiMillionaire

For the first time in Bitcoin history, we are giving away Bitcoin (1 Million Satoshi!) to Gen Z talents living in South Africa. We’re looking for the best of the best that Mzanzi has to offer – it’s time to show us what you got! Winners can enter by being nominated or through self nomination by simply sharing your talent with us on social media. Whether you can rap, dance, cook or fly – we want to see it!

Each month we will be giving away 1 Million Satoshis (Bitcoin) to anyone who’s got enough nerve to put their skills on display and enter the competition. Think of it as TikTok – only with Bitcoin. Submit your jaw dropping talent below or by tagging @4King and using #SatoshiMillionaire on any of our socials.


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We will be creating one Satoshi Millionaire a month. Satoshi Millionaires will be selected based off of the freshest talent from everyone who enters, so whether you’re a venture capitalist, gamer, mother, teacher, side hussler, friend, or just a great human being, everyone stands an equal chance.

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